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Otelo (Othello)

Full video is available courtesy of Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE). Please note that Televisión Española (TVE)…
Belinda Yung
June 6, 2020


This television adaptation was first aired on March 21, 1979, in the program “Lletres catalanes”…
Alexa Alice Joubin
April 2, 2020


Darkness and red lighting kicks off the murderous and phantasmagorical mood in this puppet theatre…
Maria Sequeira Mendes
November 9, 2018


Teatro da Garagem’s production of Hamlet, staged by Carlos Pessoa, trusts in minimal resources: the…
Maria Sequeira Mendes
November 2, 2018


Mala Voadora is well known in Portugal for the way it questions theatrical mechanisms, which…
Maria Sequeira Mendes
October 15, 2018


Rebellion arises from an otherwise peaceful world. Characters wander eternally in this war-torn world, telling…