Faculty in the MIT Literature Section created an online study module for Hamlet in Fall 2013. The module provides a framework where MIT students can explore multiple stage or film adaptations of the play, perform close readings on “Selected Clip Sets” curated by the faculty, and easily create and share their own clip sets. Professors Peter S. DonaldsonDiana HendersonShankar Raman, and Emily G. Jones (Postdoc) were responsible for developing the site content.

Global Hamlet in Performance

Three other study modules are under development for The Tempest, King Lear, and The Merchant of Venice.

Global Tempest in Performance

Global King Lear in Performance

Global Merchant of Venice in Performance

Lear is Here is an earlier study module dedicated to the acclaimed Taiwanese adaptation of King Lear, a one man show staged by Wu Hsing-kuo in 2001.