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Il Re Muore (The King Dies) – Richard II (Angiulli, 2018)

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Il Re Muore (The King Dies) – Richard II

Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione Galleria Toledo produced a feature film by the title “Il Re Muore” (The King Dies) directed by Laura Angiulli, founder of Galleria Toledo and company director, and sponsored by the Campania Region and the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The movie is freely inspired by the Shakespearean drama “Richard II”, reinterpreting the work in a visionary way, while staying true to the plot and the text. A necessary synthesis which respects the original poetry.

In Il Re Muore the mechanics of power is bluntly represented. A central role is played by the concept of “royalty” which, deprived of its illusory sacredness, causes power struggles.


Luciano Dell’Aglio as Richard II
Alessandra D’Elia as Duchess of Gloucester
Stefano Jotti as John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster
Maria Roveran as Queen Isabella
Michele Danubio as Edmund, Duke of York
Gennaro Maresca as Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford
Lello Serao as Bishop of Carlisle
Paolo Aguzzi as Duke of Aumerle, Earl of Rutland
Antonio Speranza as Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk
Monica Demuru as Duchess of York
Filippo Scotti as Principe Henry
Giovanni Forte as young Richard II
Leonardo Catenacci as baby Richard II
Silvia Esposito as Joan of Kent, Richard’s mother

and with the friendly participation of
Paolo Graziosi as the gardener
Enzo Decaro as bishop of the coronation

Castel Sant’Elmo, Naples
Museo di Capodimonte, Naples
Real Sito di Carditello, San Tammaro
Castel Capuano, Naples
Teatro di San Carlo
and several other sites in Campania

Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione Galleria Toledo has generously shared a video of their feature film with English subtitles.

The film was screened at the 66th Taormina Film Fest (July 11-19, 2020).


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(Photography credit: Lavina D’Elia)


Information provided by Lorenza Pensato at Galleria Toledo and Anna Maria Cimitile, Regional Editor for Italy.



Il Re Muore (The King Dies) – Richard II

Il Re Muore (The King Dies) – Richard II : Full Video

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