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Riccardo III (Richard III) (Bene, 1977)

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Riccardo III (Richard III)

WRITTEN BY MIT Global Shakespeares regional editor (Italy) Anna Maria Cimitile with contributions by Sandro Naglia
5 April 2022

Director, scenography, and costumes: Carmelo Bene
Lighting: Giorgio Abballe
Editing: Silvano Spiti
Music: Luigi Zito

Carmelo Bene (Duke of Gloucester, later Richard III), Lydia Mancinelli (Duchess of York), Maria Grazia Grassini (Elizabeth), Daniela Silverio (Margaret), Susanna Javicoli (Lady Anna Warwick), Laura Morante (a servant, whom Richard calls Buckingham), Licia Dotti (Madama Shore, lover of Edward VI first and then of Hastings).

Bene’s theatre film or televised version of his theatre adaptation of Richard III was made in 1977 and first broadcast on Italian RAI TV in 1981. The film was dedicated to the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, who replied to the dedication by writing ‘Un manifesto di meno’ on Bene’s art. The text appeared in 1978 in Sovrapposizioni, a book which also contained Bene’s script of Riccardo III as well as his response to Deleuze’s piece. The full version of the theatre film includes an introduction to Riccardo III by Maurizio Grande (, from 0:00:00 to 4:00:00).



Riccardo III (Richard III)

Riccardo III (Richard III) : Full Video

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