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MIT Global Shakespeares founding co-director Alexa Alice Joubin was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education, the largest newspaper in the U.S.  dedicated to covering colleges and universities (founded in 1966 and based in Washington, D.C.).

The op-ed (by Karen Spierling) on “The Humanities Must Go on the Offensive” quoted Alexa Alice Joubin’s congressional briefing on “Globalization and the Humanities in the Twenty-first Century.” Spierling states that:

Is self-reflection the sum of what the humanities contribute to the world or to an individual’s path in life? Not even close.

In an essay titled “Globalization and the Humanities in the Twenty-First Century,” Alexa Alice Joubin wrote, “In our age of globalization, understanding other peoples’ stories means the difference between being a window shopper and being an informed decision maker in international arenas.” This is the core of the humanities offensive: Scientific data alone does not inform and cannot explain all actions and decisions. The humanities provide vital tools for navigating our globalized world.


To read the full text of Joubin’s essay on globalization and the humanities, visit this page on the MIT Global Shakespeares.





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