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MIT Global Shakespeares is thrilled to announce the launch of the Shakespeare in Brazil educational module. The site provides online access to Brazilian performances of Shakespeare, as well as interviews, essays, and metadata provided by Brazilian scholars and educators in the field. Shakespeare in Brazil is a collaborative, participatory project that celebrates Shakespeare as a global author. The site is a work in progress, and as it grows users will be able to view and study productions and interviews with Brazilian playwrights, actors, translators, and theater practioners. Shakespeare in Brazil is the first multi-centric networked project that demonstrates the diversity of Brazilian Shakespeares to the global Portuguese and English-speaking worlds. All the resources are either in English or translated into English. Our work honors and promotes the presence of Shakespeare in Brazil and offers core resources for students, teachers, researchers, and the general public. We invite you to participate in this exciting online community.

Center: Gustavo Gasparani; Clockwise from top right: Barbara Heliodora, Lawrence Flores, Lucia Castanho, and Martha Werneck

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