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Shakespeare’s The Tempest is transported to 5th century Korea in this dramatic re imagining and adaptation of his final and most poetic play. King Zilzi, immersed in his study of Taoist magic, leaves the care of his kingdom in the hands of King Zabi. While he is away, Zabi takes control and, with the help of Zilzi’s brother, Soji, banishes him from his lands.

Inspired by a true story from the Korean Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, Tae-Suk Oh’s The Tempest blends extraordinary historical fact with Shakespearean fiction, infusing both with elements of traditional Korean culture and folklore. Prospero’s book of magic transforms into a multi-coloured magical fan, Caliban becomes Ssangdua – a two-headed monster – and Ariel becomes Zewoong, a Shaman priestess made of straw and the protector and dispeller of evil spirits.

With music played on traditional Korean instruments and incorporating richly layered costumes, this fantastical production explores the limitations and possibilities of human nature through the acts of betrayal, love, forgiveness and eventual reconciliation.

Performance Details:

Adapted and Directed by Tae-Suk Oh
Adapted from The Tempest by William Shakespeare

European Premiere

Mokwha Repertory Company

Tae-Suk Oh
Eun-A Cho Stage designer
Aikawa Masaaki and Kyung-Chun Lee Lighting designers
Seung-Mu Lee Costume designer
Keun-Sung Moon Choreography
Eun-Jeung Wu Music arranger

Performed in Korean with English supertitles
Touch Tour Monday 15 August 6.15pm
Talking Programme Monday 15 August 7.00pm

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Interview of Oh Tae-suk, Korean Director

Oh Tae-suk’s The Tempest Comes to DC


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  1. Lee Yongeun says:

    I am a prof. of Shakespeare field. I want to see video materials
    in Global Shakespeare for my further study. But I can’t get access to the videos.
    What can I do?

    • Belinda Yung says:

      Hello Prof. Lee, many of the videos in our archive are in QuickTime streaming format. In order to watch the videos, you need to have QuickTime Player installed on your computer. If you are still having problems, please email for more detailed help. Thank you!

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