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The Tempest (Sohn, 2009)

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The Tempest

Sohn Jin-Chaek’s The Tempest, as a meta-theater, portrays a process that homeless people, in a shelter for the homeless, prepare to perform Shakespeare’s The Tempest for a drama therapy project. For a few months, while they passionately create the play by themselves, they become to understand each other. Through their work, like Prospero, the homeless people overcome their agony in a harsh reality and come to forgiveness and reconciliation.


Director: Sohn Jin-Chaek

Place: Towol Theater of Seoul Art Center

Performance run: May, 7. 2009 ~ June, 6. 2009


Prospero – Jeong Tae-Hwa

Antonio – Jang Deok-Ju

Miranda – Seo I-Suk

Ferdinand – Kim Hyeon-Ung

Alonso – Choi Yong-Jin



Stage Design: Park Dong-Woo

Costume: Kim Ji-Yeon

Music: Kim Cheol-Hwan

The Tempest

The Tempest : Full Video

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