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Interview of Oh Tae-suk, Korean Director

By October 1, 2011 interview

Master Oh is founder and artistic director of Mokhwa Repertory Theatre Company (f. 1984). He is a playwright, director, and acting teacher in Korea. He began playwriting in 1968 and his over sixty original plays are rooted in Korea’s cultural past and present, archetypes and unconsciousness. He has established a unique theatre methodology based on traditional Korean aesthetics, language, and expressions. Recently, Oh’s adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays have garnered international acclaim including The Herald Angel’s Award at the 2011 Edinburgh International Arts Festival. He is an Emeritus Professor in Theatre at Seoul Institute of the Arts. His adaptation of Romeo and Juliet has toured world wide.


This video interview of the Korean director Oh Tae-suk was made in 2005 as publicity material for a theatre performance at an auditorium of California State University.


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