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The Tempest (Tsui; Wu, 2004)

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The Tempest

Co-directed by Wu Hsing-kuo and the Hong Kong filmmaker Tsui Hark, the Tempest combined jingju, kunju, and Taiwan’s aboriginal dance, with a cinematic visual language to comment on the tension between the aboriginals and mainland Chinese immigrants to the island of Taiwan.

Prospero: Wu Hsing-kuo, Ariel: Chu Sheng-li, Alonso: Ma Pao-shan, Stefano: Wang Kuan-chiang, Gonzalo: Liu Zhuoyu, Ferdinand: Sheng Chien, Miranda: Liu Chia-hou, Caliban: Yang Ching-ming, Antonio: Mo Chung-yuan, Sebastian: Hsu- Hsiao-tsun, Trinculo and Boatswain: Lin Chao-hsu, Winter Spirit: Chang Ching-ping, Spring Spirit: Chien Yow-ru, Autumn Spirit: Yu Wei-ling, and Summer Spirit: Wang Juo-mei

Translator / Scriptwriter:
Translators: Yamg Mu and Fang Ping
Adapters: Xi Zhigan and Wu Hsing-kuo

Producer: Lin, Hsiu-wei

Stage and Costume Designer: Tim Yip, Lighting Designer: Tommy Wong, Music Director: Sun Li-yen, Music Composers: Chung Yao-Kuan (new version) and Lee Yi-Chin (Premiere), Percussion Director and Arranger: Chuang Bu-Chiao, and Conductor: Chen Chun-Shian

See also the 2008 performance and the 2009 performance.

The Tempest


Caliban curses Prospero

Caliban (an aboriginal Taiwanese) curses Prospero.

Caliban (an aboriginal Taiwanese) curses Prospero. less

Caliban and Ariel

Prospero bids farewell to Caliban and Ariel.

Prospero bids farewell to Caliban and Ariel. less

The Tempest : Full Video

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