Wayne & Shuster’s Shakespearean Slapstick


Canadian comedy duo Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster produced a series of television adaptations of Shakespeare. Various forms of the Wayne & Shuster show were staples on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC’s) Saturday evening television programming from the 1950s through to the late 1980s, and they have been occasionally rebroadcast as specials since the 1990s on both CBC and The Comedy Network. Read More

III. Richard: Niçin Yaptım (Richard III: Why Did I Do It)

Birkiye, Mehmet 2022

III. Richard: Niçin Yaptım (Richard III: Why Did I Do It) is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III written by Kerem Kurdoğlu who makes use of Turkish translations of the play by Berna Moran and Bülent Bozkurt in the composition of his rewriting. First presented by the 26. İstanbul Theatre Festival in November 2022, the play tells Richard III’s story in a one-man show in which Hakan Gerçek, acting as Richard, embarks on the news that Richard III’s bones had been discovered under a parking lot in Leicester in 2012. Yet he is at pains to prove that what people are about to watch on stage is Richard’s real story, not the news recounting his story. Read More

Riccardo III (Richard III)

Bene, Carmelo (1937-2002) 1977

Bene’s theatre film or televised version of his theatre adaptation of Richard III was made in 1977 and first broadcast on Italian RAI TV in 1981. The film was dedicated to the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, who replied to the dedication by writing ‘Un manifesto di meno’ on Bene’s art. The text appeared in 1978 in Sovrapposizioni, a book which also contained Bene’s script of Riccardo III as well as his response to Deleuze’s piece. Read More

Ricardo III (Richard III)

Guerin Hill, Claudio 1967

Full video is available courtesy of Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE). Please note that Televisión Española (TVE) was renamed RTVE from 1980.​


Adapter or translator: Claudio Guerin Hill, based on Antonio Gala’s version
TV program (or series): “Teatro de siempre”.
Aired on August 18, 1967.

Starring José María Prada (Ricardo III), Lola Cardona, Luisa Sala, Paco Morán, Gerardo Malla, Paloma San Basilio.


Production is curated by Jesús Tronch, professor titular (Senior Lecturer) at the University of Valencia, where he teaches English literature and creative translation.

Ricardo III

Módena, Sergio 2014

Gustavo Gasparani and Sergio Módena adapted William Shakespeare’s Richard III into a one man show with Gasparani playing 26 different characters. The text was reworked into a script that introduces a Narrator who conducts the plot and resorts to omissions, additions and interpolations. There are no changes in terms of time or setting. Simplicity sets the tone of the production; set and costume design elements are reduced to a minimum, to stimulate the audience’s imagination. The resources employed aimed at adding a touch of humor and lightness to the story, as well as resonating with the reality and the collective imagination of Brazilian audiences. Read More

Richard III

Wang, Xiaoying 2012

Richard III (Li cha san shi), directed by WANG Xiaoying, The National Theatre of China (Beijing) | Premiered at the London Globe during the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival Read More


Cardeña, Chema 2005

Rebellion arises from an otherwise peaceful world. Characters wander eternally in this war-torn world, telling their stories like specters. Peace comes after a long Civil War. Richard of Gloucester, a crippled and deformed man, observes how his brothers enjoy the power. He decides to follow a peculiar path to seize power. His excessive ambition leads him to the throne of England. RIII, adapted from Shakespeare’s history play, is a theatrical production with a minimalist stage set. The empty space on stage is filled gradually by nine characters who tell their own various stories. Read More

Richard III

Varsimashvili, Avtandil 2014

Richard III Synopsis: The play shows the rise to power of Richard, who becomes king by getting rid of his opponents. Once in power he suspects everyone of betrayal and kills people around him, even his allies. He installs bloody tyranny in the country which ends up collapsing. Director: Avtandil Varsimashvili Read More

Richard III: An Arab Tragedy

Al-Bassam, Sulayman 2007

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III set in an unnamed Gulf state. The production, part of Sulayman Al-Bassam’s Shakespeare trilogy, is performed in Arabic and set in the modern Middle East. See also The Al-Hamlet Summit and The Speakers’s Progress. Read More

Two Roses for Richard III

Baltar, Cláudio; Ferreira, Fábio 2012

Two Roses for Richard III is Brazilian theatre company Companhia BufoMecânica’s visual interpretation of Richard III, commissioned for the 2012 World Shakespeare Festival. The production blended theatre with acrobatics, multimedia displays and circus. Read More

Richard III

Perng, Ching-hsi

Part of the Shashibiya Mingju Donghua (Animated Shakespeare) series.

Li cha san shi (Richard III)

Lin, Zhaohua 2001

Richard III (2001) was directed by Lin Zhaohua and produced by the Lin Zhaohua Workshop, Central Experimental Spoken Drama Company and the Arts College, Sun Wen University. Lin used the Chinese translations of the play by ZHU Shenghao and LIANG Shiqiu. Read More