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Margaret Litvin

Ten Years On: A Second Special Journal Issue on Arab Shakespeares

By | February 03, 2017

Excerpt: When the first Critical Survey special issue on Arab Shakespeares (CS 19:3, Winter 2007) came out nearly a decade ago, the topic was a curiosity. There existed no up-to-date monograph in English on Arab theatre, let alone on Arab Shakespeare. Few Arabic plays had been translated into English. Few British or American theatregoers had seen a play in Arabic. In the then tiny but fast-growing field of international Shakespeare appropriation studies (now ‘Global Shakespeare’) there was a great post-9/11 hunger to know more about the Arab world but also a lingering prejudice that Arab interpretations of Shakespeare would necessarily be derivative or crude, purely local in value. Read More

When “Global Shakespeare” met the “Arab Spring”

By | October 01, 2015

How do Arab theatre makers navigate a “World Shakespeare” festival, maneuvering between interesting times in their home countries and the expectations of British and global funders and audiences? A recent article by Margaret Litvin, Saffron Walkling, and Raphael Cormack explores some of the contingencies, ironies, and unexpected beauties of these collaborations. Read More

Global Shakespeares Workshop in Cairo

By | November 02, 2011

“Egyptian Theatre Between Local Contexts and Global Audiences: Shakespeare as a Case Study,” the five-hour workshop will involve about 20 directing and drama criticism students and recent graduates from Cairo-area theatre departments. Read More