New Book: Eating Shakespeare (Global Shakespeare Inverted Series)

Eating Shakespeare: Cultural Anthropophagy as Global Methodology is a new collection of essays and interviews by leading scholars and researchers offering their perspectives on the meaning of “Global Shakespeare.” It is part of the Arden Shakespeare’s Global Shakespeare Inverted series.

Of special interest are the following chapters from collaborators, regional editors, and advisory board members of MIT Global Shakespeares:

PART ONE Dialogue I: Shakespeare and Cultural Anthropophagy in practice

3  Devouring Shakespeare in north-eastern Brazil: Clowns de Shakespeare director Fernando Yamamoto in conversation with Paulo da Silva Gregório  69

4  Cannibalizing Hamlet in Brazil: Ophelia meets Oxum  Cristiane Busato Smith  93


PART TWO Dialogue II: global conversations and intricate intersections 

5  De-centring Shakespeare, incorporating otherness: Diana Henderson in conversation with Koel Chatterjee  121

7  Past and present trajectories for ‘Global Shakespeare’: Mark Thornton Burnett in conversation with Anne Sophie Refskou  155


PART FOUR Dialogue IV: re-cultivating and re-disseminating Shakespeare beyond the institution

11  Engrafting him new: educating for citizenship via Shakespeare in a rural area in Brazil  Aimara da Cunha Resende  249


Afterword: fat king, lean beggar?
Alfredo Michel Modenessi  282


Visit the Bloomsbury (UK) site for the full Table of Contents or to purchase the book.


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