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I’m delighted to welcome the Brazilian Regional Editors of this online archive: Ana Stegh Camati, professor at UNIANDRADE University in Paraná, and Liana de Camargo Leão, professor at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, both in Brazil.

Drs. Leão and Camati have enhanced this archive by providing 13 videos of Brazilian Shakespeare productions. As Leão writes in the introduction to the region:

“Recent theatrical productions are unique because they are not afeard to transpose the text to their own cultural realities, appropriating Shakespeare, mixing the plays with Brazilian matter, coloring them with sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. The voices of the schools of samba, of the circus, of street theater, the harsh reality of the favelas, the twangling berimbaus and the martial dance of the capoeira from Bahia, the traditional culture of Minas Gerais, are among the many riches ready to drop new accents upon the plays. However, as Brazil is a country of continental size, Shakespeare can and is often recreated in such diverse ways that it becomes almost impossible to establish what a Brazilian Shakespeare would be.”

You can explore these Brazilian productions on the regional portal for Brazil

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