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The Hamlet Syndrome (Tayebi, 2022)

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The Hamlet Syndrome

The Hamlet Syndrome is a play based on Hamlet by William Shakespeare and the concept of the Hamlet syndrome, which presents the theory of fake insanity by the convicts in the court. The script was written by Masoud Tayebi and was performed in August 2022 at the Molavi Theater Center (Molavi Hall) in Tehran, Iran.

Length of play:  1 hour 

For further reading, please view this article:

Wilson, Jeffrey R., and Henry F. Fradella. “The Hamlet Syndrome.” Law, Culture, and the Humanities (2016).

The script for the play is available courtesy of Masoud Tayebi and Mis.en.scene Academy of Performing Arts.



the Female Hamlet … Rojin Ali Panahi
1st Male Hamlet (The Thoughtful Hamlet) … Masoud Tayebi
2nd Male Hamlet (The Angry Hamlet) … Hosein Ibrahim Nia
the soul of Hamlet’s father … Keyvan Bahrami
Lucifer … Diako Afsar


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Production notes provided by Somayeh Tayebi, public relation manager of Mise.en.scene Academy of Performing Arts.

The Hamlet Syndrome

The Hamlet Syndrome : Full Video

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