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Ophelia (Tayebi, 2021)

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Ophelia is a one person show performed by Rojin Panahi and written and directed by Masoud Tayebi of the Mise.en.scene Academy of Performing Arts. The theater group performed this play at “The 16th Yerevan Shakespeare International Theater Festival” in 2022. The play was performed in October 2021, February 2022, and February 2023 in Tehran, Iran.

Length of play:  45 minutes 

Past Performance Venues:
Iranian Artists House, Entezami Theater Hall (2021)
Shahrzad theater Hall  (2022)
City Theatre (2023)

Ophelia is a modern girl in our time who kills her beloved Hamlet and keeps pieces of his body in the refrigerator. She feels betrayed by Hamlet and tries to save herself from madness and stress. She remembers all the events of her life, such as the death of her mother, the murder of her beloved, etc., and finally suicides under the pressure of the illness “psychosomatic disorder.”


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Production notes provided by Somayeh Tayebi, public relation manager of Mise.en.scene Academy of Performing Arts.



Ophelia : Full Video

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