Shamuleite (Shamlet)

Lee, Kuo-hsiu 1996

Shamlet was performed by the Ping Fong Acting Troupe and directed by LEE  Kuo-hsiu (1955-2013) who also wrote the script. Read More


Lin, Zhaohua 1995

This production of Hamlet proposes the idea that anyone can play the iconic character of Hamlet. The production has the same actor play multiple roles. Hamlet is played by three different actors at various points in the performance. The production also draws references to film adaptions of Hamlet. Read More


Kent, Jonathan 2003

A short note about this production of Hamlet:

Hamlet is an all male production. The male characters wear Eighties sci-fi gear, while Ophelia wafts about in a polka-dotted kimono.


Nomura Mansai as Hamlet
Shinobu Nakamura as Ophelia
Eisuke Sasai as Gertrude


Director – Jonathan Kent
Production designer – Paul Brown



Wangzi fuchou ji (The Revenge of the Prince)

Su, Leci 1994

Wangzi fuchou ji (The Revenge of the Prince) was a 1994 Yueju adaptation of Hamlet directed by Su Leci which was performed at the Shanghai International Shakespeare Festival. Xue Yunhuang was the script writer. The actor who played Hamlet was yueju star Zhao Zhigang. Read the essay “Hamlet in China: Translation, Interpretation and Performance” by Ruru Li for additional information about this production. Read More

Hamlet Unplugged

Lü, Po Shen 2005

Hamlet Unplugged was staged on June 18, 2005 at the Experimental Theatre, National Theatre in Taipei , Taiwan and directed by Lü Po-shen. Read More

Curse of the Golden Flower

Zhang, Yimou 2006

In 928 A.D. a power struggle emerges in the palace of China’s emperor (Chow Yun-Fat). A cruel man, he is secretly having his wife (Gong Li) poisoned with a substance that will eventually drive her insane. Meanwhile the empress is having an affair with Prince Wan (Ye Liu), her husband’s son from a previous marriage. But the prince secretly wishes to run away with Chan (Li Man), the daughter of the imperial doctor. Read More


Perng, Ching-hsi 2004

Part of the Shashibiya Mingju Donghua (Animated Shakespeare) series.

The Banquet

Feng, Xiaogang 2006

The Banquet is a 2006 Chinese film, also known as Legend of the Black Scorpion. It is a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and is set in 10th century China. Read More

Prince of the Himalayas

Hu, Sherwood 2006

PRINCE OF THE HIMALAYAS is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. Prince Lhamoklodan learns of his father’s mysterious death and returns home to find his uncle has taken the throne–and the widowed queen. Read More


Lee, Yoon-taek 2001

Hamlet was directed by Lee Yoon-taek and performed by the Street Theatre Group at Jayu Theatre, Seoul Art Center on March 27, 2001 in Seoul, South Korea. Read More


Lee, Hyon-u 2005

Coriolanus was performed in 2005 by the Hwadong Theatre Company and directed by Hyon-u Lee.


Tae-woong You as Coriolanus
Bong-sook Sohn as Volumnia




Gulzar 1982

Based on Shakespeare’s ‘A Comedy of Errors’, this is a story of identical twins (2 pairs) and mistaken identities. Read More

Coriolanus (Korioreinasu)

Ninagawa, Yukio 2007

Coriolanus (Korioreinasu) was performed at the Barbican Theatre in London 2007.


Toshiaki Caracara as Coriolanus
Masanobu Katsumura as Aufidius
Kotaro Yoshida as Menenius


Choreography – Masahiro Kunii
Set Designer – Tsukasa Nakagoshi,
Costume Designer – Lily Komine
Lighting Designer – Tamotsu Harada




As You Like It (Oki ni mesu mama)

Ninagawa, Yukio 2004

Oki ni mesu mama was directed by Yukio Ninagawa and performed at the Saitama at the Sai no kuni Saitama Geijutsu GekijoÌ in August 2004.


Narimiya Hiroki
Oguri Shun
Yoshida Kōtarō
Kanno Naoyuki
Takahashi Yō


Music – Kasamatsu Yasuhiro
Stage director – Shiraishi Eisuke




Nair, Rajasekharan Jayaram 2002

Kannaki is a Malayalam musical romance adaptation of Antony and Cleopatra. Villagers Manickam and Choman are very close friends. Manickan is in love with Kannaki and wants to marry her but Choman wants him to marry his sister. Read More

As You Like It

Branagh, Kenneth 2006

Witty, playful and utterly magical, the story is a compelling romantic adventure in which Rosalind and Orlando’s celebrated courtship is played out against a backdrop of political rivalry, banishment and exile in the Forest of Arden – set in 19th-century Japan. Read More