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Prince of the Himalayas (Hu, 2006)

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Prince of the Himalayas

Synopsis Prince Lhamoklodan learns of his father’s mysterious death and returns home to find his uncle has taken the throne–and the widowed queen. The dead emperor’s son wants revenge, but how can he exact it without devastating his mother? In the struggle to face his destiny and fight his demons, a new king is born.

China, 2007, 108 min, 35 MM
In Tibetan with English subtitles
North American Premiere

About the Film
PRINCE OF THE HIMALAYAS is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. Set in ancient Tibet under the shadow of the Himalayas, the film is a visually ravishing historical epic with stunning scenery, richly saturated color, and lush costuming. Setting Shakespeare’s Prince of Denmark in a completely new context is richly suggestive of the play’s enduring relevance for the modern world. As the proto-typical tale of oedipal anxiety, or of the terrifying possibilities of taking action in the social world, this film re-invents and refreshes a story we thought we knew.

Sherwood Hu

Sherwood Hu
Tsering Dorje

Ciringdongrub as Horshu
Dechendolma as Mochangki
Dobrgyal as Kulo-ngam
Lobden as Po-lha-nyisse
Lobzangchopel as King Tsanpo
Oma as Achessergyal
Purba Rgyal as Lhamoklodan
Sonamdolgar as Odsaluyang
Trashi as Lessar
Zomskyid as Nanm

Production Companies:
Hus Entertainment,
Shanghai Film Studios

Shanghai Film Group (China) (theatrical)

Further Reading
Bardfilm: The Shakespeare and Film Microblog: Thursday, April 14, 2011, “Preliminary Impressions of Prince of the Himalayas” gives a detailed plot summary.


Prince of the Himalayas

Prince of the Himalayas : Full Video

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