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Hamulaite (Lin, 1995)

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This production of Hamlet proposes the idea that anyone can play the iconic character of Hamlet. The production has the same actor play multiple roles. Hamlet is played by three different actors at various points in the performance. The production also draws references to film adaptions of Hamlet. In 1989 and 1990, Lin Zhaohua directed the Lin Zhaohua Workshop performances and in 1994, Lin Zhaohua and Ren Ming directed the Beijing People’s Art Theatre performances.

1990 – Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China, 1994 – Capitol Theatre, Beijing, China

Performers: First Hamlet and Claudius: Pu Cun Xin 濮存昕, Claudius and Second Hamlet: Ni Da Hong 倪大宏, Gravedigger, Polonius, Fortinbras and Third Hamlet: Liang Guan Hua 梁冠华, Empress: Xu Fan 徐帆, Ophelia: Chen Xiao Yi  陈小艺, Horatio and Rosencrantz: Tao Zongyao 谭宗尧, Laertes: Sun Xing 孙星, Theatrical Performers: Wang Tao, Hu Jun and Ren Ming, and Guildenstern: Hu Jun
Translator / Scriptwriter: Li Jianming
Producer: Lin Zhaohua Workshop and Beijing People’s Art Theatre

Designers: Wang Yin (王音), Yi Li Min (易立民), and Zeng Li (曾力)

Read the script in English for this production.



Hamulaite : Full Video

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