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Romeo and Juliet ’99 (Bow Shakespeare Series #3) (Ueda, 1999)

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Romeo and Juliet ’99 (Bow Shakespeare Series #3)

Romeo and Juliet ’99 was staged in 1999 by the Takarazuka Revue Flower Troupe with performances at the Takarazuka Bow Hall, 6/19 – 7/4. The show was directed by Ueda Keiko.


Based On: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
Adaptor/Director: Ueda Keiko
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreographer: Ishii Jun, Miori Yumino
Fighting Coordinator: Atsumi Hiroshi


Romeo (The only son of the Montague family) … Mizu Natsuki
Juliet (The only daughter of the Capulets) … Ayano Kanami
Count Paris (Juliet’s suitor) / Death … Mayuzuki Kou
Mercutio (Romeo’s friend) … Ayabuki Mao
Benvolio (Romeo’s friend) … Aine Harei
Tybalt (Juliet’s cousin) … Kizuki Ayumu
Father Laurence … Natori Rei
Nurse (Juliet’s nurse) … Sachimi Anna
Capulet (Juliet’s pleasure-seeking father) … Isono Chihiro
Mrs. Capulet (Juliet’s pleasure-seeking mother) … Takayagi Midori
Montague (Romeo’s severe father) … Ootomo Reika
Mrs. Montague (Romeo’s severe mother) … Futaba Karen
Angelo (an angel) … Kaou Remi
Apothecary … Shiran Masumi
Jon (a monk) … Saki Nozomi
Peter (a servant) … Yuuma Rin
Rosaline … Ayakaze Ran
Balthasar … Sou Kazuho


The story follows Shakespeare’s original fairly closely, with a few exceptions. It is set in a pseudo-modern world.

It starts with an angel coming out to play in an old church, and discovering signs of vandalism and disuse. S/he also finds an old book, and after puzzling through it, reads the intro dialogue. Then the angel is dumped out into a city where crime and murder are rampant, and it looses its wings and voice in the middle of a scuffle between the Montagues and Capulets. It takes shelter with Father Lawrence. The prince takes the form of a disembodied voice which warns both the Capulets and the Montagues to cease their quarreling. [Full summary]


Additional information about Romeo and Juliet ’99 can be found at

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Romeo and Juliet ’99 (Bow Shakespeare Series #3)

Romeo and Juliet ’99 (Bow Shakespeare Series #3) : Full Video

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