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The Winter’s Tale (Bow Shakepeare Series #1) (Kodama, 1999)

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The Winter’s Tale (Bow Shakepeare Series #1)

Takarazuka Revue staged an adaptation of The Winter’s Tale in 1999-2000 which was performed by the Flower Troupe at the Takarazuka Bow Hall, 3/4 – 3/14 and 1/28 – 2/6, and at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 2/12 – 2/18. The show was directed by Kodama Akiko.


Based On: Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale
Author/Director: Kodama Akiko
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreographer: Yamamura Waka
Special Advisor: Odashima Yuushi (Shakespeare expert)
Kabuki Acting Advisor: Mizuguchi Kazuo


Nakamura Tomigoro (Edo Nakamura-za kabuki theatre actor) / Izayoi (prostitute at the Satsuki-ya) … Haruno Sumire
Fujikawa Izaemon (Edo Nakamura-za kabuki theatre actor) … Sena Jun
Osan (Tomigoro’s wife) … Sawaki Kurumi
Hidenosuke (Izemon’s son) … Ayabuki Mao
Hikosaburou (Nakamura family servant) … Isono Chihiro (1999), Itsuki Chihiro (2000)
Osode (Hikosaburou’s daughter) … Takayagi Midori
Satsuki (Mistress of the Satsuki-ya) … Shou Tsukasa
Oden (Satsuki-ya servant) … Sachimi Anna
Ibira (Master of the Satsuki-ya) … Kazato Yuma
Yoshitsugu (Tomigoro’s assistant) … Asazono Miki
Jurota … Fuzuki Miyo (1999), Sakura Ichika (2000)


Additional information about The Winter’s Tale can be found at

For more information about Takarazuka Revue, visit Wikipedia.


The Winter’s Tale (Bow Shakepeare Series #1)

The Winter’s Tale (Bow Shakepeare Series #1) : Full Video

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