King Lear

Abdel Halim, Ahmed 2002

This production of King Lear was performed at the National Theatre of Egypt in 2002 and starred Yehia El-Fakharani (Yahya El-Fakharany) in the title role. Read More

Antony and Cleopatra (2011)

Ninagawa, Yukio 2011

Antony and Cleopatra, dir. Yukio Ninagawa (2011), the Sainokuni Shakespeare Company

Performed in Japanese at the Ion Keshōhin Theater Brava, Osaka, 28 October 2011

Performed in Japanese with Korean subtitles at the LG Arts Center, Seoul, 26 November 2011

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I Am Hamlet

Afifi, Hani 2009

This 2009 production of I Am Hamlet was directed by Hani Afifi and stars Mohamad Fahim as Hamlet. Read More

A Theatre Company Found a Theatre and Theatred Hamlet

al-Ṭarīfi, Khālid 1984

In this 1984 musical comedy, produced for the Festival of Portable Theatre in Rabat, an Arab prince hires a British-trained theater troupe to stage Hamlet to “catch the conscience” of his usurping stepfather/uncle, who has married his mother after his father’s death. A shadowy figure named Abu Fawanees (“Lantern Man”) haunts the proceedings, offering commentary on the role of art in society. Read More


Mahran, Sameh 2001

Produced in Cairo in April, 2001, Doditello presents a campy Othello-quoting version of the relationship between the late Princess Diana and her last companion, Egyptian businessman Dodi al-Fayed. Read More

The Al-Hamlet Summit (English version 2002)

Al-Bassam, Sulayman 2002

A crumbling Arab dictatorship (a collage of real states) convenes a government conference amid car bombs in the capital, rebellion in the south, and an international army massed on the borders. The female Arms Dealer sells to all, including Islamist Hamlet and suicide bomber Ophelia as well as Claudius, Gertrude, and Fortinbras. Read More

The Dance of the Scorpions

Abū Dūma, Maḥmūd 1989

Published 1988, performed 1989 and 1991

Author: Maḥmūd Abū Dūma (Egyptian)


Claudius conspires with Fortinbras in a phony war to extort money from nobles and sideline the largely apolitical Hamlet. But domestic opposition (“Crusaders”) stage a revolution.


Limbvani, Hugues Serge 2004


Mamadou Bomou, Abdou El Aziz Gueye, Maimouna Doumbia, Momo Ekissi, Marina Ahoui, Seidy Abdoulaye, Kaf Malere, Macodou Mbengue.