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The editors of Global Shakespeares and collaborators in MIT’s Global Shakespeare Curricular Initiative and HamletWorks will be well represented at the World Shakespeare Conference in Prague Conference, July 16-22:

Peter S. Donaldson (MIT) will chair the panel on “The Renaissance of Shakespeare on Film,” papers by Mark Thornton Burnett, Alexa Alice Joubin (George Washington University), and Poonam Trivedi (University of Delhi) and will also co-chair a workshop on “Global Shakespeare in the Digital Age” with Alexa Alice Joubin, and contribute a paper to the seminar on “Global Spin-Offs.”

Alexa will present a paper on Ophelia on the panel “The Renaissance  of Shakespeare on Film,”  co-lead the workshop on “Global Shakespeare in the Digital Age” with Peter Donaldson (MIT), and contribute a paper to the seminar on “Shakespeare after REED.”

Diana Henderson (MIT) will contribute a paper on “Retrospections: Women’s Sonnets, Shakespeare’s Shadow, and the Literary History of Forms” to the seminar on “Shakespeare’s Sonnets.”

Shankar Raman (MIT) will contribute a paper on “Infinite Finitude: Enumerating the Sonnets” to the seminar on “Shakespeare’s Sonnets.”

Anna Stegh Camati (UIANDRADE, Brazil) will co-chair the seminar on “Shakespearean Metamorphoses: Intermedial Transactions.”

Célia Arns de Miranda will present “Otelo da Mangueira: a Brazilian Shakespeare Adaptation in Musical Version” in the seminar “Shakespearean Metamorphoses: Intermedial, Transactions.”

Liana de Camargo Leâo (UFPR, Brazil) and Mail Marques de Azevedo (UNIANDRADE, Brazil) will contribute a paper on “Text, Performance and Film: An Intermedial Reading of Antunes Filho´s Throne of Blood/Macbeth” to the seminar on “Global Spin-Offs.”

Margaret Litvin (Boston University) will co-chair the seminar on “Shakespeare on the Arab Stage.”

Nicholas Clary ( St. Micahel’s College ), Hardin Aasand ( Dickonson State University ) and Jesus Tronch Perez (University of Valencia) will participate in the panel on “Editing Hamlet.”

“The Ninth World Shakespeare Congress in Prague will mark the next phase in a journey through four continents. Beginning in Vancouver, this international conference has travelled every five years since 1971 to share Shakespearean scholarship, performance, and pedagogy at another great site: Washington D.C., Stratford-upon-Avon, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Valencia and Brisbane. The culturally rich city of Prague, a new setting for the Congress in central Europe, offers a wonderful opportunity to engage in dialogue about Shakespearean reception both here and throughout the world.”


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