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Global Shakespeares at Prague 2011 World Shakespeare Congress

By January 8, 2011May 9th, 2017News

Global Shakespeares in the Digital Archive Co-conveners: Peter Donaldson (MIT) and Alexa Huang (Penn State, MIT)

Participants: Scholars and graduate students attending the World Shakespeare Congress.

Workshop description: The age of global Shakespeares and digital video archive is upon us, and online video research tools have become indispensable when we research and teach worldwide performances of Shakespeare. It is an age when Shakespeare and world cultures foster symbiotic and antithetical relationships with equal force. This workshop serves two purposes:

  1. introduce participants to the resources, research tools and new pedagogical possibilities afforded by the MIT Global Shakespeares digital performance archive and research space located at The project provides global, regional, and national portals to Shakespeare productions within a federated archive. There are portals to Shakespeare performances in the UK and North America, the Arab World, India, Asia, and Brazil, containing full videos and video highlights.
  2. work with practitioners or users of digital Shakespeare archives and participants without any experience but are curious about new pedagogical possibilities; to brainstorm about the practical and theoretical implications of a broad range of digital Shakespeare projects including video and textual archives. What can one do with these digital tools that has not been possible until now? Are there any limitations or drawbacks? What critical resources might we bring to thinking about the place of the archive in Shakespeare studies today?

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