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Metal Macbeth (Inoue, 2006)

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Metal Macbeth

Metal Macbeth is the first Shakespeare work by Gekidan☆Shinkansen. “Macbeth” performed on heavy metal sounds was the birth of a new kind of “Macbeth”. Kankuro Kudo, the most sought-after and up-and-coming writer in Japan, has done the adaptation. With his contemporary sensibility, he has transformed the Shakespeare’s dialogue-rich masterpiece into a song-driven story.

“A metal band in the 80’s and a Mad Max-like near future intermingle in an eye-opening “New Macbeth”! In the year 2206, after innumerable slayings and destructions, a heath littered with dead bodies and rubble was left. Three eerie witches manifest themselves in front of an invincible General Randomstar that ESP Kingdom is proud of. They leave a prophecy saying, “All of your future is scripted in this compact disc”. It was a CD made by a heavy metal band named “Metal Macbeth” whose prime was in the 80s”.


Masaaki Uchino, Takako Matsu, Mirai Moriyama, Yukiya Kitamura, Jun Hashimoto, Shoko Takada, Macoto Awane, and Tsunehiko Kamijo


Director – Hidenori Inoue
Writer – Kankuro Kudo

For more information about the stage performance in 2006, visit Gekidan☆Shinkansen.

For more information about the filmed performance shown in theaters in 2007, visit GEKIxCINEIMDb, and TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System).

Metal Macbeth poster

Poster for Metal Macbeth (2007) film produced by E!oshibai and Gekidan Shinkansen and distributed by Village.


Metal Macbeth


Metal Macbeth : Full Video

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