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Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus (Macbeth/A Nightmare for Two) (Akal; Aydın, 2016)

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Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus (Macbeth/A Nightmare for Two)

Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus by Tiyatro BeReZe premiered in İstanbul in 2016 and it has been performed in various theatres in Turkey and abroad as part of international theatre festivals. The founders of Tiyatro BeReZe, Erkan Uyanıksoy and Elif Temuçin reduce the number of actors in Macbeth to two and perform as the Macbeth couple. Directed by Doğu Akal, the couple is domesticated to a great extent with a scenery representing their bedroom and scenes depicting the intimate moments of both characters suffering from insomnia and drinking coffee. In this highly acclaimed production, there are resonances of object theatre, clown theatre, buffoonery, and postdramatic theatre. The scenery and costumes are designed by Lucile Larour and Patricia Ulbricht. There are seemingly dissonant and minimal props such as a bucket, toilet paper, flowers, and a tarlatan. These creative interventions markedly move the play away from its tragic origin. The effort put by the team in the transformations of the number of actors, scenery, costume, and performance is worthwhile, and the play deserves the international acclaim it has received.


Elif Temuçin
Erkan Uyanıksoy

Production Team

Doğu Akal

Elif Aydın

Assistant Directors
Can Güvenç
Lara Aysal

Erkan Uyanıksoy
Elif Temuçin

Décor and Costume
Lucile Larour
Patricia Ulbricht

Technical Team
Can Çelik
Murat Kural
İbrahim Can Sayan

Doğu Akal

Sabahattin Eyüboğlu



Promotional video with parts of the performance (no subtitles yet).

Macbeth / iki kişilik kabus – Tanıtım Videosu from Erkan Uyaniksoy on Vimeo.


Further Reading

Timeout – Interview with Elif Temuçin and Erkan Uyanıksoy, the performers and adapters of the play.

Tiyatro BeReZe – Information about the play and some pictures from the performance on the official website of Tiyatro BeReZe.

What remains of Macbeth / A Nightmare for Two – Interview for TEB Gaming Magazine – A conversation among Elif Temuçin, Erkan Uyanıksoy, and Doğu Akal (Director) on Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus.

Özmen Akdoğan, Özlem. “Will All Great Neptune’s Ocean Wash This Tomato Paste?: Tiyatro BeReZe’s Macbeth-İki Kişilik Kabus.” Turkish Shakespeares. 2022.


Production notes provided by Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Özmen Akdoğan, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey.


Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus (Macbeth/A Nightmare for Two)

Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus (Macbeth/A Nightmare for Two) : Full Video

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