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Macbeth (Goldberg; Tiffany, 2012)

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From the National Theatre of Scotland comes a one-man production of William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. Directed by John Tiffany and Andrew Goldberg, this re-imagined production is set in a psychiatric unit. This performance is approximately one hour and 45 minutes, with no intermission.

The production premiered at Tramway, Glasgow in June 2012.
Performance dates at the Lincoln Center Festival 2012: July 5-14
Production will be on Broadway beginning April 7, 2013 – more info


By William Shakespeare
National Theatre of Scotland
Directors John Tiffany and Andrew Goldberg
Set design Merle Hensel
Lighting design Natasha Chivers
Sound design Fergus O’Hare
Movement Christine Devaney
Voice Ros Steen
With Alan Cumming,
Myra McFadyen, and Ali Craig


Additional Details

Lincoln Center Festival 2012 | Macbeth

Macbeth on Broadway – announcement that “Ken Davenport, an independent New York producer will be presenting the production for 73 performances from 7th April 2013 at the Ethel Barrymore Theater.”


Macbeth – review – by Mark Fisher, The Guardian, June 17, 2012



Macbeth : Full Video

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