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Ismail / Hamlet (Fattāl, 1999)

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Ismail / Hamlet

Performed 1999, 2001, 2010-11 in London and Cairo.

Author: Hakim Marzougui (‘Abd al-Hakīm al-Marzūqī, Tunisian)


In this monodrama with only a negative allusive relationship to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ismail’s mother is seduced by a hammam owner named Abu Sa‘id, who puts Ismail and his mother to work in the baths. Ismail (whom an actor friend has nicknamed Hamlet) becomes a corpse washer. Later Abu Sa‘id takes Ibrahim’s beloved, Sa‘diyya, as a second wife.  The play is Ismail’s monologue as he washes Abu Sa‘id’s corpse.

Ismail / Hamlet

Ismail / Hamlet : Full Video

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