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Macbeth, the Scottish Play was directed by Regina Galdino.
Production: Alexandre Brazil

Translation and adaptation: Marcos Daud

Director: Regina Galdino

Cast: Evandro Soldatelli, Renata Zhaneta, Imara Reis, Jorge Cerruti, Heitor Goldflus, Ariel Moshe, Carlos Evelyn, David Rock, Marco Aurélio Campos, Luciana Ramanzini, Silmara Deon, Marcelo Pacífico e Gira de Oliveira

Setting and Lighting: Kleber Montanheiro

Costumes: Olintho Malaquias

Soundtrack: Aline Meyer

Dance, Fighting and Body Expression: Wilson Aguiar

Comments (4):

  1. Katherine Leiden says:

    The costuming and general appearance of the weird sisters matches exactly the mental picture I had of them the first time I read Macbeth.

  2. Brittany Shaw says:

    I loved the choreography of the Weird Sisters’ introduction. The set is bare, but focuses all concentration on the characters. I also love the smoke/fog on set. It plays into the mood of the story.

  3. Kate Costantini says:

    I loved how the set was very bare & had an ominous feel; it really sets the mood of the whole play & especially of the the weird sisters’ characters.

  4. Clare Tonks says:

    I thought the smoke and the dark lighting really set the scene, it emphasized the creepiness of the weird sisters well. I also thought that the metal structures on either side of the stage were interesting to look at and gave it a different more modern feel while keeping the stage pretty bare.

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