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The stark minimalism of  Macbeth, the Scottish Play (Macbeth, a Peça Escocesa) does not affect the quality of its performance; on the contrary, it helps to accentuate the eeriness and other-worldly quality of the play while channeling the attention of the audience towards the characters. The weird sisters’ choreographed movements help in their delivery of their words and add unity to their uncanny presence.   The modern ambience created by the moveable metal towers is punctuated by the sound of drums and gongs.   The actors’ dark costumes contrast with Lady Macbeth’s sensuous characterization in a low cut white dress. The sexual energy between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is manifest through their body language and underlines their solid partnership.  Breaking the frame of the fourth wall, the play integrates backstage and stage, deliberately blurring the boundaries between theatre and life. All thirteen actors are kept on the stage during the whole performance. Director Regina Galdino explores the theme of ambition which permeates Shakespeare’s play and implies that Macbeth’s death will bring no end to the the topsy-turvy values inherent in the weird sisters’ language.  The added appearance of one of the weird sisters in the last scene suggests that Malcolm’s kingship will be as vulnerable as his father’s and as corrupt as Macbeth’s.

Director: Regina Galdino.
Production: Alexandre Brazil

Translation and adaptation: Marcos Daud

Director: Regina Galdino

Cast: Evandro Soldatelli, Renata Zhaneta, Imara Reis, Jorge Cerruti, Heitor Goldflus, Ariel Moshe, Carlos Evelyn, David Rock, Marco Aurélio Campos, Luciana Ramanzini, Silmara Deon, Marcelo Pacífico e Gira de Oliveira

Setting and Lighting: Kleber Montanheiro

Costumes: Olintho Malaquias

Soundtrack: Aline Meyer

Dance, Fighting and Body Expression: Wilson Aguiar

Comments (4):

  1. Katherine Leiden says:

    The costuming and general appearance of the weird sisters matches exactly the mental picture I had of them the first time I read Macbeth.

  2. Brittany Shaw says:

    I loved the choreography of the Weird Sisters’ introduction. The set is bare, but focuses all concentration on the characters. I also love the smoke/fog on set. It plays into the mood of the story.

  3. Kate Costantini says:

    I loved how the set was very bare & had an ominous feel; it really sets the mood of the whole play & especially of the the weird sisters’ characters.

  4. Clare Tonks says:

    I thought the smoke and the dark lighting really set the scene, it emphasized the creepiness of the weird sisters well. I also thought that the metal structures on either side of the stage were interesting to look at and gave it a different more modern feel while keeping the stage pretty bare.

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