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Hamlet: The Drama of Revenge (Gade, 1920)

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Hamlet: The Drama of Revenge

Released in 1920, Svend Gade’s Hamlet: The Drama of Revenge stars Danish actress Asta Nielsen in the title role. Made in Germany, this 78 minute black and white silent film with English subtitles presents us with a Hamlet who, though actually a woman, is raised as a young man. The cast also includes Eduard von Winterstein, Mathilde Brandt, Anton de Verdier, Lilly Jacobssen, Hans Junkermann, Heinz Steida, Paul Conradi, and Fritz Achterberg.

Hamlet: The Drama of Revenge

Hamlet: The Drama of Revenge : Full Video

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One Comment

  • Allie says:

    Thank you so much for making this available. I just recently learned it existed, and am fascinated. Do you know if there have been any adaptations of this? To dance or stage or anything?

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