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Bond (Merchant of Venice) (Lü, 2009)

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Bond (Merchant of Venice)

The background of Bond is set in the Song Dynasty of medieval China, and the conflict between Jews and Christians becomes one between Tazis (Arabs, Muslims) and Cathayans. The play features strong gender consciousness and also highlights male bonding. It was performed at the British Shakespeare Association’s 2009 Conference and at the Shakespeare Association of America’s 2011 conference. It has also toured China and the United States.

Creative Team:

Perng, Ching-Hsi (script); Chen, Fang (script); Ke, Ji-liang (executive producer); Chen, Zhao-hu (producer); Wei, Kuo-tai (artistic director); Lin, Juan-fei (associate producer); Yin, Kuan-chun (associate director); Geng, Yu-ching (music design); Lin, Heng-zheng (costume design); Zhang, Ting-ying (instrumental musical arrangement); Chen, Hui (set design); Jack (lighting design); Xie, Wen-tong (costume assistant); Chen, Yong-xian (head pieces); Wang, Yi-jun (head pieces); Chen, Ming-ying (costumes); Chen, Yong-xian (costumes); Zhuang, You-xin (costumes); Cai, Jin-gui (costumes); Chen, Gui-lan (costumes); Lin, Bi-mei (costumes); Chen, Qiu-duan (costumes); Gan, Ting-yu (costumes); Zhang, Fu-qiang (stage manager); Zhang, Fu-qiang (technical director); Huang, Wen-chong (sound director); Ou, Yan-gu (lighting director); Yang, Bing-ru (set technical director); Zhang, Zheng-an (stage manager assistant); Xu, De-Jia (assistant stage manager); Xu, De-Jia (technical assistant); Guo, Li-wei (set); Liao, Jun-wei (set); Feng, Shen-zhe (set); Jian, Chen-fan (set); Lin, Jia-yu (set); Ou, Yu-hong (set); Li, Yun-zhong (lighting); Yang, Hong-wei (lighting); Cai, Wen-zhe (lighting); Wei, Li-ting (lighting); Wei, Li-ting (lighting assistant); Jing, Rui-nian (sound effect); Chen, Duo-fu (music); Yan, Wen-zong (sound effect); Wang, Guan-xiang (set); Chen, Jun-hao (set); Zhang, Jing-xiang (set); Zhang, Kai-jun (set); Liao, Min-ci (set); Chen, En-cui (set); Lin, Shi-jie (set); Lin, Zhi-wei (set); Zhang, Yun-man (set); Zhang, Luo-jun (set); Li, Yu-mei (subtitles)


Wang, Hai-ling (Xia, Luo / Shylock); Hsiao, Yang-ling (Murong, Tian / Portia); Chu, Hai-shan (An, Yibo / Antonio); Liu, Chian-hua (Ba, Wuji / Bassanio); Yin, Kuan-chun (County Magistrate Bao / Magnificoes); Hsieh, Wen-chi (Xingyun / Nerissa); Zheng, Yang-wei (Guanuo / Gratiano); Hu, Chang-min (Old Man); Lin, Wen-wei (Lei, Gentleman); Lin, Yuan-mao (Old Man); Zhang, Yang-zhong (Suo, Gentleman); Lian, Hong-zhen (Old Servant / Balthasar); Zhang, Yi-sheng (An, Tai / Servant); Wu, Hai-chun (Zhang, Cheng); Lin, Yuan-mao (Zhou, Mei / Suitor); Yin, Kuan-chun (Xu, Jiu / Suitor); Li, Zhi-hong (Japanese Suitor); Hu, Chang-min (Hua, Bao); Zhang, Xuan-ting (Maid); Zhang, Yang-lan (Maid); Sun, Yi-ting (Maid); Li, Zhi-hong (Runner); Yang, Yuan-Qing (Tazi / Tubal); Xiao, Yang-ling (Tazi); Wang, Hai-ling (Chorus); Fu, Rui-yun (Chorus); Deng, Hai-lian (Chorus); Zhang, Yang-lan (Chorus); Zhang, Xuan-ting (Chorus); Sun, Yi-ting (Chorus); Lin, Yuan-mao (Chorus); Zhang, Yang-zhong (Chorus); Lin, Wen-wei (Chorus); Zhang, Yi-sheng (Chorus); Zhang, Xuan-ting (Female Vocal Accompaniment); Lin, Yuan-mao (Male Vacal Accompaniment); Zhang, Jia-ling (Roustabout); Zhang, Jia-ling (Runner); Tian, Zhi-han (Roustabout); Tian, Zhi-han (Runner); Wu, Ren-jie (Roustabout); Wu, Ren-jie (Runner); Gao, Zhen-nan (Roustabout); Gao, Zhen-nan (Runner)

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Bond (Merchant of Venice)

Bond (Merchant of Venice) : Full Video

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