Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus (Macbeth/A Nightmare for Two)

Akal, Doğu; Aydın, Elif 2016

Macbeth/İki Kişilik Kâbus by Tiyatro BeReZe premiered in İstanbul in 2016 and it has been performed in various theatres in Turkey and abroad as part of international theatre festivals. The founders of Tiyatro BeReZe, Erkan Uyanıksoy and Elif Temuçin reduce the number of actors in Macbeth to two and perform as the Macbeth couple. Directed by Doğu Akal, the couple is domesticated to a great extent with a scenery representing their bedroom and scenes depicting the intimate moments of both characters suffering from insomnia and drinking coffee. Read More