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Search: Hamlet centers around an absent Hamlet. Each participant enters a dialogue that develops and interprets the contemporary search for Hamlet in their cultures and communities today.

Performers: Carlotta Ikeda (Ghost) – Butoh dancer and choreographer from Japan, I Wayan Dibia (Claudius) – Mask dancer from Bali, Indonesia, Pichet Klunchun (Gertrude) – Thai classical dancer from Bangkok, Thailand, Dicte (Ophelia) – Pop-rock composer and vocalist from Copenhagen, Denmark, Ann Crosset (Polonius / Grave-digger / Rosencrantz) – Dance performer from US, Aida Redza (Laertes) – Contemporary Martial Arts dancer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kota Yamazaki (Horatio) – Contemporary dancer from Tokyo, Japan, Charlotte Engelkes (Storyteller / Gravedigger / Guildenstern) – Performer from Stockholm, Sweden, and I Wayan Sadra (contemporary gamelan musician from Solo, Indonesia) leading an ensemble of Gamelan percussion and saxophonist from Indonesia and Japan.
Translator / Scriptwriter: Ong Keng Sen and Cast members
Producer: Theatreworks and FACE to FACE

Designers: Wu Wen Guang (documentary film maker from Beijing, China), Set Designer – Justin Hill (Australia-Singapore), Lighting Designer – Jesper Kongshaug (Denmark), and Costume Designer – Koji Hamai (Japan)

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  1. gotterak says:

    This concept is extremely unique, especially in regards to Hamlet. The original Hamlet is so focused on the character and emotions of Hamlet that removing him from the situation allows for an understanding of secondary characters independent from their relationships with the Prince.

  2. Anastasia K. Gates says:

    I find myself quite inspired by this interpretation of Hamlet at the Edison Theatre. I was first intrigued by the initial image chosen to represent the video. I found the performance strong in it’s dynamics, as the raw, beautifully grotesque images produce a deeper sentiment, silent in it’s own communication. The contemporary movements used allows for a strikingly different perception of beauty and the fluidity of emotional and it’s consequences; whether conscious and subjective. It challenges traditional theatre by it’s inclusion of motion, sound, and costume. It’s strong shades of earth connect the viewer to a more grounded sense of reality, as it’s heavy themes of the elements exemplify that. It’s Eastern influence is both mystical and primitive, creating global appreciation and the fluidity of life.

    TAGS: Contemporary dance, nature, nudity, water, earth.

  3. William Garcia says:

    This is the most visually impressive ghost I have seen on stage. It is hypnotic and very appropriate for the situation. The movements truly convey a sense of loss and terror.

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    Search: Hamlet (Edison Theatre)

    Ong, Keng Sen | Productions

    Source: Courtesy of TheatreWorks, Ltd., Singapore and Face to Face, Denmark

    Full video

    Note: This is the full video

    Duration: 01:20:16

    ghost's first appearance

    Note: A figure evoking the Ghost appears and dances on a slightly raised platform on the stage.