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Jet Li … Han Sing
Aaliyah … Trish O’Day
Isaiah Washington … Mac
Russell Wong … Kai
Delroy Lindo … Isaak O’Day
D.B. Woodside … Colin (as DB Woodside)
Henry O … Ch’u Sing
Jon Kit Lee … Po Sing
Edoardo Ballerini … Vincent Roth
Anthony Anderson … Maurice
DMX … Silk
Matthew Harrison … Dave
Terry Chen … Kung
Derek Lowe … Chinese Messenger
Ronin Wong … New Prisoner

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Comments (4):

  1. Katie Sauvain says:

    An attempt to get guys to watch Romeo & Juliet? This reminds me of Terminator Hamlet from Last Action Hero.

  2. Marg R says:

    What is an unusual departure from the Shakespeare here is an awareness of using Juliet’s character as a bartering point – a possession, an “asset”. In a sense, she has more agency because she denounces her family’s business as “nothing to do with me”, but in another sense she becomes quite literally a pawn (asset).

  3. Rachel says:

    Romeo Must Die is engaging in the division between the lovers along several lines (though I’m not sure to what extent, based simply on the trailer this is accurate): race and family. The Romeo character–played by Jet Li–develops a relationship with Trish (the family’s daughter?) and is compelled to rescue her from some dire circumstance. A bit more overtly violent than the original. The Juliet character also seems to be a damsel-in-distress, quite unlike Shakespeare’s Juliet…who more or less perpetuates her own demise.

  4. Ellee Dean says:

    I wholly agree with Marg’s take on Juliet. This film also seems to be giving Romeo a masculine agency that he never fully achieves in the play. Shakespeare’s Romeo is less the save-the-day type, and more the black-clouds-brooding-and-trouble-follows-him-wherever-he-goes kind of beau.

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