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Ong Keng Sen’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s King Lear brings artists from Japan, Thailand, China and Indonesia to work together on this intercultural and collaborative piece that toured Asia & Europe. Japan Tour: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Asia Tour: Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, and Europe Tour: Berlin and Copenhagen.

Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon, Tokyo, Kadoma City Culture Hall, Osaka, Fukuoka City Nishi Ward Civic Center, Fukuoka, APA (The Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts), Hong Kong, Lyric Theatre (Hong Kong Performing Arts Academy, Opera Academy), Hong Kong, Kallang Theatre, Singapore, Teater Tanah Airku, Jakarta, Indonesia, His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth, Australia, Schillertheater, Berlin, Germany, and Musikteatret Albertslund, Copenhagen, Denmark

Performers: Old Man and Mother: Naohiko Umewaka (Japan), Older Daughter: Jiang Qi Hu (China), Younger Daughter: Peeramon Chomdhavat (Thailand), Loyal Attendant: Zahim Albakri (Malaysia), Fool: Najip Ali (Singapore) in Japan tour and Hairi Katagiri (Japan) in Asian tour, Woman: Hairi Katagiri (Japan), Music Spirit of Old Man: Mark Chan (Singapore), Music Spirit of Older Daughter: Junko Handa (Japan), Retainer: Abdul Gani (Singapore), Shadow to Older Daughter (Ambition): Low Kee Hong (Singapore), Shadow to Older Daughter (Vanity): Jeremiah Choy (Singapore), Shadow to Older Daughter (Unpredictability): Tang Fu Kuen (Singapore), Shadows to Retainer: Lim Yu-Beng (Singapore), Benny Krisnawardi (Indonesia), Jefri Andi (Indonesia), Earth Mothers: Aida Redza (Malaysia), Sharon Lim (Singapore), Suhaila Sulaiman (Singapore), Noorlinah Mohd (Singapore), Jean Ng (Singapore), Sheila Wyatt (Singapore), Musicians: Rosita Ng (Singapore), Rahayu Supanggah (Indonesia), Pitermann (Indonesia), Sunardi (Indonesia), Danis Sugiyanto (Indonesia), and Suyoto Martorejo (Indonesia)
Translator / Scriptwriter: Rio Kishida (Japan)
Producer: The Japan Foundation Asia Center and (Chief Producer: Yuki Hata)

Designers: Music Direction: Mark Chan (Singapore), Rahayu Supanggah (Indonesia), Choreography: Boi Sakti (Indonesia), Aida Redza (Malaysia), Set Design: Jusitn Hill (Australia/Singapore), Costume Design: Koji Hamai (Japan), Lighting Design: Tamotsu Harada (Japan), Sound Design: Masahiro Inoue (Japan), and Mask and Prop Design: Nobutaka Kotake (Japan)

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  1. Sheina says:

    The contrast between Japanese Noh theater and Beijing Opera style is a stark contrast that underscores the lack of understanding between the daughter and old man, possibly even more than the different languages they speak.

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    The Making of "Lear"

    Note: The Making of "Lear" chronicles the creation of Lear (dir. Ong Keng Sen, script Rio Kishida, 1997). This documentary was produced by MediaCorp TV12 Singapore Pte Ltd.