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Shakespeare’s immortal “To be, or not to be” takes on a whole new meaning (and medium) as classical stage and screen actors David Tennant and (recently-knighted) Sir Patrick Stewart reprise their roles for a modern-dress, film-for-television adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) 2008 stage production of Hamlet.

PBS offers the full video of this production on their site until January 24, 2016: (note: video will not play if you have ad blocking enabled for your web browser)


David Tennant    …     Hamlet
Patrick Stewart    …     Claudius / Ghost
Penny Downie    …     Gertrude
Oliver Ford Davies    …     Polonius
Mariah Gale    …     Ophelia
Edward Bennett    …     Laertes
Peter De Jersey    …     Horatio
Sam Alexander    …     Rosencrantz / Second Gravedigger
Tom Davey    …     Guildenstern
Mark Hadfield    …     Gravedigger
John Woodvine    …     Player King
Ryan Gage     …     Osric / Player Queen
Samuel Dutton    …     Dumbshow King
Jim Hooper    …     Dumbshow Queen / Priest
David Ajala    …     Reynaldo / Dumbshow Poisoner
Keith Osborn    …     Marcellus
Ewen Cummins    …     Barnardo
Robert Curtis    …     Francisco / Fortinbras
Roderick Smith    …     Voltemand
Andrea Harris    …     Cornelia
Ricky Champ    …     Lucianus
Riann Steele    …     Lady-in-waiting
Zoe Thorne    …     Lady-in-waiting

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For more information about the stage performance, see RSC Archive.

For full credits of the television broadcast, see IMDB listing

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    Doran, Gregory | Productions
    Stratford-upon-Avon,United Kingdom

    Act 1 Scene 1

    Note: A ghost has been spotted by the guards at Elsinore.

    Act 1 Scene 2 - part 1

    Note: Claudius announces his marriage to Gertrude and Horatio tells Hamlet of his encounter with his father's ghost. Part 1.


    Note: David Tennant as Hamlet in a film of the Royal Shakespeare Company's award-winning production of Shakespeare's greatest play.
    Directed by Gregory Doran

    Broadcasted on December 26th, 2009 on BBC2

    To be or not to be

    Note: This famous soliloquy is performed out of sequence just before the "nunnery scene" with Ophelia.

    Coward soliloquy

    Note: More about this programme:

    David Tennant stars in a film of the Royal Shakespeare Company's award-winning production of Shakespeare's great play. Director Gregory Doran's modern-dress production was hailed by the critics as thrilling, fast-moving and, in parts, very funny.