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Wu shi sheng fei (Much Ado About Nothing) (Jiang; Sun, 1986)

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Wu shi sheng fei (Much Ado About Nothing)

This production was adapted into huangmei opera and performed at the Ruijin Theatre, Shanghai, China, by the Anhui Huangmei Opera Troupe, April 20-22, 1986.


Adaptor: Jin Zhi
Directors: Jiang Weiguo / Sun Huairen
Music: Chen Jinggen / Xie Guahua
Set Design: Lu Zhenhuan
Lighting: Pan Jiayu
Costumes: Zhou Yiming / Jiao Li


Beatrice: Ma Lan
Hero: Wu Quiong
Benedick: Huang Xinde
Claudio: Jiang Jiangguo
Don Pedro: Wan Shaofang
Don John: Li Jimin

Source of information

Shakespeare in Traditional Chinese Operas
Zha Peide and Tian Jia
Shakespeare Quarterly
Vol. 39, No. 2 (Summer, 1988), pp. 204-211
Published by: Folger Shakespeare Library in association with George Washington University
Article Stable URL:


Wu shi sheng fei (Much Ado About Nothing)

Wu shi sheng fei (Much Ado About Nothing) : Full Video

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