Titus (Taymor, 1999)

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  • Marcus Jones says:

    An obvious soliloquy by Titus, this is an interesting way of filming it. The beginning starts with people walking past him and even almost over him as he shouts his words out to the crowd. Instead of him having an aside or being alone on a stage, he instead is “alone” as the progression marches past. The camera also focuses solely on him with the progression acting as a background, creating a film version of an aside in a way. The dream sequence is also extremely interesting, as it is projecting his thoughts about the entire situation into view for the audience to see. Placing his son’s head in place of the tied sheep’s head while a dagger strikes down symbolizes Titus’ belief in his son’s scapegoat status (a sacrificial lamb) for the people.

  • Oscar C says:

    I have to give Julie Taymor a lot of credit for her work. She is never afraid to risk everything for a production. She might fail sometimes, but she never holds her vision back. In this excerpt of Titus Mrs. Taymor adds in the people walking by as Titus calls out but no one listens. Nobody even recognizes his presence, which only adds to his madness. I really liked on the last shot where all of the characters are facing different pathways which is symbolic because each character has come from a different road to arrive at this moment.