Feste, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew

Twelfth Night

Safonov, Pavel 2017

Twelfth Night in Russian, directed by Pavel Safonov at the Moscow Academic Theatre of Satire [Moskovskii Akademicheskii Teatr Satiry], March 12, 2017 Read More

The Speaker’s Progress (Twelfth Night)

Al-Bassam, Sulayman 2011

The Speaker’s Progress uses Twelfth Night as a starting point to explore events in the Middle East, transforming Shakespeare’s comedy into a satire on the decades of political inertia that have fed recent revolts across the Arab region and a daring theatrical metaphor for the mechanisms of dissent. Read More

Noche de Reyes (Twelfth Night)

Azurmendi, Jorge


Rabieta Productions presents Noche de ReyesTwelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Adaptation and directed by Jorge Azurmendi

Cast (in order of appearence)

Mike Zubi (Singer)
Germán Tripel as Orsino
Leandro Bassano as Valentín
Santiago Almaraz as attendant
Nahuel Smith as attendant
Florencia Otero as Viola
Andrés Espinel as Sea Captain
Rita Terranova as Sir Toby
Ana María Castel as Maria
Rafael Aieta as Sir Andrew
Melania Lenoir as Feste, a Clown
Laura Azcurra as Olivia
Luz Kerz as Malvolio
Sebastián Suñe as Antonio
Felipe Colombo as Sebastian
Nicolás Larrain as Fabian

Ensemble: Santiago Almaraz – Leandro Bassano – Andres Espinel – Nahuel Smith

Correographies: Diego Bros – Gustavo Carrizo – Mecha Fernandez – Seku Faillace – Gustavo Wons

Stage Director: Seku Faillace

Musical Selection: Jorge Azurmendi

Musical Director, arrangements and piano: Santiago Otero Ramos

Drums: Alberto Mazza

Double bass: Martin Lozano

Setting and costume designer: Alejandro Guigi

Costume manager: Carolina Carrizo – Alejandro Guiggi

Setting manager: Alejandro Guiggi – Julio Becerra Maidana – Juan de Uranga

Hairdresser: Ricardo Fasan

Make up artist: Juan Gasparino

Lighting: Claudio de Bianco – Manuel Garrido

Actors (to be researched)

special appearance of Rita Terranova

Musicos en vivo – Live musicians

Graphic design: Martin Bayne / Photography: Fuentes2Fernandez / Press: Ayni Communication / Assistant director: Marina Andrada / General assistant: Maxi Ruso / Executive production: Maxi Bartfeld / General production: La Rabieta Productions

CUBO technical staff: technical coordination: Daniel Bumbalo / Stage technician: Federico Fernandez Coria / Light technician: Pablo Clemont / Sound technician: Abel Zamudio, Julian Velasquez



Twelfth Night

He, Bingzhu 1993

Performed by Shanghai Theatre Academy Class of 1990.

Twelfth Night

Perng, Ching-hsi

Part of the Shashibiya Mingju Donghua (Animated Shakespeare) series.