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Mississippi Masala (Nair, 1991)

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Mississippi Masala

Mississippi Masala is a 1991 film inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet about the interracial romance between an African American man and an Indian American woman in rural Mississippi.


Denzel Washington     …     Demetrius Williams
Sarita Choudhury    …     Meena
Roshan Seth    …     Jay (Meena’s dad)
Sharmila Tagore    …     Kinnu (Jay’s wife)
Charles S. Dutton    …     Tyrone Williams
Joe Seneca    …     Williben Williams
Ranjit Chowdhry    …     Anil
Mohan Gokhale    …     Pontiac
Mohan Agashe    …     Kanti Napkin
Tico Wells    …     Dexter Williams
Yvette Hawkins    …     Aunt Rose
Anjan Srivastav    …     Jammubhai (as Anjan Srivastava)
Dipti Suthar    …     Chanda (Anil’s wife)
Varsha Thaker    …     Kusumben
Ashok Lath    …     Harry Patel

For full cast information and additional details, see IMDB listing.

Sarita Choudhury and Denzel Washington

Sarita Choudhury and Denzel Washington in Mississippi Masala (1991)



Mississippi Masala


Mississippi Masala : Full Video

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One Comment

  • Katie Sauvain says:

    I wouldn’t watch this film based on the trailer–it seems to be selling the film’s sensuality (“hot and spicy!”) and little else. I’d like to know about context and setting, but this just shows generic romance.

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