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Midsummer Night’s Dream (Miwa, 2006)

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Midsummer Night’s Dream

This production of Midsummer Night’s Dream was directed by Miwa Elica in 2006 and produced by the Theatre Company Subaru. The script was written Fukuda Tsuneari.

Performance dates: 6/10/2006-29/10/2006

Performers: Theseus/Oberon: Kanao Tetsuo, Hippolyta/Titania: Matsutani Kaya, Puck/Philostrate: Hirata Hiroaki, Demetrius: Iwata Tsubasa, Lysander: Nakanishi Yosuke, Helena: Yuya Atsuko, Hermia: Yonekura Kishiko, Bottom: Ushiyama Shigeru, and Quince: Yanase Satoru
Translator / Scriptwriter: Fukuda Tsuneari
Producer: Theater Company Subaru (

Designers: Lighting Designer: Komiya Toshiaki, Set Designer: Miwa Elica, Costume Designer: Ogino Midori, Music Composition: Hidaka Tetsuhide, and Sound: Yamakita Shiro

Midsummer Night’s Dream


fairies’ first appearance

The fairies are introduced.

The fairies are introduced. less

Midsummer Night’s Dream : Full Video

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