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Lear’s Daughters (Tse, 2003)

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Lear’s Daughters

What happened to the three daughters of King Lear before they made their entrances in Shakespeare’s classic?

Yellow Earth Theatre presents this seminal work exploring the formative years in three young women’s lives. The piece proffers a playful yet serious alternative to the history of King Lear’s famous three daughters as the Fool, the Nanny and an overworked Queen bring them up.

Renowned for their uplifting, physical ensemble work, Yellow Earth Theatre revives this modern classic using music, painting, sculpture, video and an all-female integrated cast.


To learn more and see production photos, visit the Yellow Earth website about this production:

Reviewed in The Guardian.

“a magical world on stage in which an eldritch fable exists in a world of hi-tech sophistication”
— published on 20 November 2003 by Michael Billington.

Reviewed in The Stage.

“For helping to relieve the stifling boredom of this year’s Canterbury Festival, thanks must go to director David K.S. Tse, Yellow Earth Theatre and the wonderfully competent cast which delivers such a flawless performance.”
— published on 30 October 2003 by Trevor Grundy.

Reviewed in Time Out.

“Director David K.S. Tse swings us giddily from comedy to darker material. A spirited and perceptive revival”
— published 12-19 November 2003 by Jonathan Gibbs.


Lear’s Daughters

Lear’s Daughters : Full Video

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