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La tempesta (Strehler, 1977-78 and 1983-84)

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La tempesta

An Italian adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest directed by Giorgio Strehler in 1983.

Notes on full video recording for the Italian TV broadcast, 1984.

Of interest is Strehler’s interpretation of magic as seen by Carlo Battistoni, who directed the TV broadcast of the stage play: see, in particular, the opening tempest and its metatheatrical dimension; Ariel’s first apparition (00:18:50); Ariel as Harpy (01:57:00); Prospero’s renunciation of his magic (02:36:20). See also Caliban’s first entrance from under the stage (00:28:30).

Prospero: Tino Carraro
Caliban: Massimo Foschi
Ariel: Giulia Lazzarini
Miranda: Fabiana Udenio
Antonio: Osvaldo Ruggieri
Trinculo: Paolo Falace
Stefano: Mimmo Craig

Italian translation by Agostino Lombardo
Director for the Rai TV recording: Carlo Battistoni


La tempesta


From Act 1, scene 2

Prospero comforts Miranda and then summons Ariel.  more

Prospero comforts Miranda and then summons Ariel.


La tempesta : Full Video

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  • Shane says:

    how do i get a copy of this with English subtitles?

    • MIT Global Shakespeares says:

      Thank you Shane for your question. Unfortunately, there is no recording or dvd on sale with English subtitles. However, the text is basically the Italian translation of The Tempest.

  • mark says:

    why can I only see the clips and not the whole play/film?

    • MIT Global Shakespeares says:

      The full video (hosted by a third party) has been taken offline. We are working to find a replacement.

  • Janet Kenny says:

    I attended a performance of this production in Il Piccolo Teatro in Milan. I had a wonderful seat just near enough and not too near. I was completely astonished and moved by the entire experience. I have never forgotten it.

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