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King LeoR (de Berardinis, 1996)

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King LeoR

King LeoR (1996) is a documentary about the making of Leo de Berardinis’s King Lear

Leo de Berardinis (1939-2008) was an innovative director and actor of the Italian theatre of research. He combined Shakespeare with the local, Southern Italy (namely Neapolitan) folklore and cultural icons. The documentary shows moments of rehearsal for King Lear, interwoven with an interview of de Berardinis, where he talks about acting and rehearsing with the actors.
Directors of the documentary: Emiliano Battista, Patrizia Stellino, Silvia Storelli
Producer: Raffaele Rago

King LeoR

King LeoR : Full Video

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One Comment

  • Sandro Naglia says:

    Originally Leo de Berardinis had come up with the project of a cycle of five “variations” on “King Lear”. The first play, “King Lear n° 1” — to which the documentary “King LeoR” refers — was premiered in 1996. Two years later the second show of the cycle was named “Lear Opera”. The other three “variations” — one of which was to be a theatrical solo accompanied by jazz saxophonist Steve Lacy — were never staged.
    Already in 1985 de Berardinis had made a show entitled “King Lear. Studi e variazioni”. His first “Lear”, however — entitled “King Lacreme Lear Napulitane” (“Lacreme napulitane” meaning “Neapolitan tears” in the dialect of Naples) — dates back to 1973, at the time of his association with Perla Peragallo.

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