King Lear

Lee, Hyon-u 2021

This production of King Lear was performed in the CJ Towol Theater at the Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea in the Fall of 2021 and was directed by Lee Hyon-u, English professor at Soon Chun Hyang University. Lee Soon-jae starred as King Lear, and actress Lee Yeon Hee played both Cordelia and the Fool. Read More

Hamlet Q1

Lee, Hyon-u 2009

Hamlet Q1 is a Korean production by director Hyon-u Lee, who translated the first quart of Hamlet for this production which faithfully follows the original English text. The setting however is different: it is set in the late Chosun Dynasty (~1900) during the time when there was political turmoil between the Japan and China. Read More


Lee, Hyon-u 2005

Coriolanus was performed in 2005 by the Hwadong Theatre Company and directed by Hyon-u Lee.


Tae-woong You as Coriolanus
Bong-sook Sohn as Volumnia