Akatsuki no rooma (Rome at Dawn) - MIT Global Shakespeares (Kimura, 2006)

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Akatsuki no rooma (Rome at Dawn)

Akatsuki no rooma (Rome at Dawn) is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar staged in 2006 by the Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe with performances at the Takarazuka Grand Theater, 5/12 – 6/19 and the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 7/7 – 8/20. The show was directed by Kimura Shinji.


Based On: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
Author: Kimura Shinji
Director: Kimura Shinji
Composer: Kai Masato
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Takemura Rui
Shinjin Kouen Director: Harada Ryou


Role Cast Shinjin Kouen Cast
Caesar (Roman general) Todoroki Yuu Seijou Kaito
Brutus (Republican who believes the Republic ideal for Rome) Sena Jun Ryuu Masaki
Portia (Brutus’s wife) Ayano Kanami Shirahana Remi
Antonius (Caesar’s adjutant general) Kiriya Hiromu Asumi Rio
Cassius (Brutus’ friend) Oozora Yuuhi Shiratori Kasuga
Carmian (Cleopatra’s lady-in-waiting) Natsukawa Yura Hihou Kokoro
Servilia (Brutus’s mother) Yoshizuki Eri Aoba Michiru
Octavian (Caesar’s nephew, later adopted as Caesar’s son) Hokushou Kairi Kouzuki Ruu
Cleopatra (Queen of Egypt) Shirosaki Ai Yumesaki Nene
Trebonius (Caesar’s new supporter) Koshino Ryuu Shiki Erio
Iras (Cleopatra’s maid) Takigawa Sueko Miyume Himari
Fortune-teller Hanase Mizuka Touka Yurino
Achela (Pompey’s supporter) Isshiki Ruka Asagiri Shino
Albinus (Brutus’s cousin) Kusunoki Keika Ayazuki Seri
Rubrius (Pompey’s supporter) Takaki Amane Atsuki Renka
Kimbell (Caesar’s new supporter) Ken Ruisu Enoki Touya
Calpurnia (Caesar’s last wife) Shiina Aoi Hazaki Mana
Egyptian Dancer Mihou Aya Shimizu Kyouka
Ligarius (Pompey’s supporter) Aoki Izumi Ayao June
Nazo (Pompey’s supporter) Mano Sugata Sawaki Rizu
Gaius Casca (Pompey’s supporter) Seijou Kaito Ryuuki Kazuto
Straton (Brutus’s attendant) Ryuu Masaki Hibiki Reona
Elbalbus (consul) Shiratori Kasuga Isuzu Hikari
Publius Casca (Pompey’s supporter) Asumi Rio Uzuki Hayate
[shinjin kouen (新人公演): literally, “newcomer performance” defined.]



– Based on Julius Caesar –

In ancient Rome, people are in a festive mood over the victory and are there to praise Caesar in the amphitheater. As soon as they see Caesar’s adjutant general Antony putting a crown onto Caesar’s head, people’s feelings suddenly change, and they stop praising Caesar, indeed falling into a deadly silence. The Romans who had done away with the monarchy and had won the Republican form of government are horrified to see the very figure of a king. Caesar, who is conscious of such feelings of the Romans, refuses the crown. However, some Romans suspect that Caesar, deep in his heart, wants to be king and rule Rome. Brutus is one of them. Each and every one of the Romans recognizes that Caesar is really the King of Rome. Cassius, a friend of Brutus’, thinks about assassinating Caesar in order to prevent Rome from coming into Caesar’s hands. He asks Brutus to join him. [Full summary]


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Akatsuki no rooma (Rome at Dawn)

Akatsuki no rooma (Rome at Dawn) : Full Video

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