The Tempest (The Doha Players’ adaptation) – highlight

Highlight from The Doha Players’ The Tempest – In Act 1 Scene 2 of the play, Prospero calls forth both Ariel and Caliban to assign them tasks. While Ariel is agreeable and responds to Prospero’s beckoning almost immediately, Caliban is reluctant to appear and even attempts to curse his master.

Filmed by Ahmed Aitelqadi.

“Enliven The Tempest” – a documentary film

A 2015 documentary film directed by Nermin Eltahawy, Salome Qassim, and Merna Fayez and narrated by Nabil AlNashar. It chronicles the development of the 2015 adaptation of William Shakespeares’ The Tempest by The Doha Players in Qatar and offers a behind the scenes look at the collaboration between the actors and the directors Dr. James Mirrione and Dr. Kim C. Sturgess from the University of Qatar.

The Tempest

Mirrione, James; Sturgess, Kim C. 2015

An Introduction by Dr. Kim C. Sturgess, August 2016 Many contemporary academics and theatre directors transport Prospero and his creator Shakespeare to the Atlantic Ocean and the so called “new world”. This appropriation of the characters and setting enables them to make the dual claim for The Tempest to be both of America and a post-colonial drama. Read More