Rei Lear (King Lear)

Andreato, Elias 2014

Juca de Oliveira plays six roles in this adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear which was translated and adapted by Geraldo Carneiro, directed by Elias Andreato, and premiered in 2014 in Curitiba, Paran√°, Brazil. Read More

Juca de Oliveira as Rei Lear – highlights

List of highlights
00:42 – Act 1, Scene 1 Lear introduces himself and tells the audience about dividing his assets among his three daughters to live a quieter, carefree life
01:32 – Act 2, Scene 2 Lear speaks of Goneril’s and Regan’s treatment of him
03:32 – Act 2, Scene 2 “Reason not the need” speech
04:32 – Act 4, Scene 6 Lear reunites with Cordelia