Highlights from Cia Vagalum Tum Tum’s O Bobo do Rei (King Lear):
1) 00:00 – 04:01 Cordelia: “nothing, my lord”; King Lear and the Fool
2) 04:01 – 06:39 Goneril and Reagan sing  “Hahaha”
3) 06:39 – 07:19 Cordelia disguised as the fool
4) 07:19 – 10:04 Song “The Old Man and the Kid”

O Bobo do Rei (The King’s Fool)

Brandini, Ângelo 2010

O Bobo do Rei (The King’s Fool) transposes the tragic elements from King Lear into Commedia dell’Arte Stock characters. King Lear carries characteristics of the old cantankerous Pantalone, but also displays the lyricism of of an aged man who has to overcome his biggest tribulation yet to reach wisdom. Goneril and Reagan become female Brighellas, scheming and vindictive. Cordelia is performed in the style of the romantic Inamoratti. The court jester is Arlequino, intelligent and witty enough to pass as fool, the fool is the voice of wisdom and truth. The story is told from his perspective. Read More