Murat ile Nazlı (Murat and Nazlı) – Romeo and Juliet

Ün, Memduh 1972

Murat ile Nazlı (Murat and Nazlı) is a film directed by Memduh Ün in 1972. Domesticising the play’s setting to the Turkish countryside, the film depicts how a blood feud separates two lovers, performed by Cüneyt Arkın and Fatma Girik, for many years only to re-unite them in their old age. Read More

“Turkish Shakespeares”: A Short History of Shakespeare in Turkey up to the Present

Organized by Hacettepe University’s Department of English Language and Literature, Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat Öğütcü from Munzur University gave a talk on April 23, 2021 which surveyed both the history of Shakespeare in Turkey and how the history of Turkey affected Shakespeare’s reception in drama, education, translation, film, and other disciplines/media.